The Dust Eliminator Box

The affordable, complete solution to get rid of dust

 Intro pricing just $7,895 

OSHA is looking for unhealthy shops more than ever.  Dust is the enemy and solutions are often expensive and not that effective.  Allow us to introduce you to the most cost-effective, complete, and easy to implement dust eliminating solution on the market.  

The Dust Eliminator Box is designed around the patented Dust Eliminator device which delivers water precisely the polishing or cutting blade surface.  This minimizes water use, eliminates all dust, and provides a health working environment.  


The Dust Eliminator Box provides all the tools you need and an entire system of fabrication to give transition you to a wet shop easily and affordably. 

The Dust Eliminator Box includes:

• Mobile D.E. Box

• Connection water hose

• Connection air hose

• Connection electrical cord

• Electrical or pneumatic grinder/cutter

• Dual grinder connections

• 2 Dust Eliminator grinder attachments

• Instant Hot water warming device

• Electric instant heat dryer for miters

• Convenient quick connect air hook up

• Convenient quick connect water hook up

• Convenient electrical outlet

• Waterline/air/electric wrap connectors

• Fold out shelves for workspace ease

• Removable custom water guard

Critical Keys to the Dust Eliminator Box

• The box provides a complete solution & detailed system

• Eliminates all dust in the most cost effective solution

• Comfortable in all climates with warmed water 

• Super compact, mobile, and easy to use

• Avoid costly and potentially work-stopping OSHA fines


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