The FlightX bridge saw has the same stable, easy to move, and compact mono-block design as our Flight1 and Flight2 saws.  It's got a 20 Hp motor with all the power you'll ever need to cut any kind of stone, quartz, or other countertop material.  


Installation is simple and this saw will cut straight cuts all day.  This saw does not have mitering capabilities nor does the head rotate but with simplicity comes ease of use, minimal complications, and robust performance.  




• Dimensions: W: 220.5" x D: 130" x H: 119.2"

• Weight: 12,800 Lbs

• Power: 20 Hp

• Table Size: 130" x 78"

• Blade Stroke: 130"



• Mono-block design

• Wireless remote

• Panasonic touch PLC controller

• Tilting table to 85º

• Rotating table 360º



PLEASE NOTE: The videos and pictures on this linked page are actually of the Flight1, a very similar saw but with additional functionality.  We don't yet have video on this new FlightS saw but you can get an idea of its size and basic function by looking at the similar, but more functional, Flight1 linked here.

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