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 Free Remnant Database
 I  N  S  T  R  U  C  T  I  O  N  S 


Free Guide to Creating

Your Own Remnant Database


Click the button below to download our 7 step guide to creating your own on-line remnant databse.  This can be a great tool for customers as well as your own crew, looking for remnants that are now inventoried and tagged with a specific location.  


At Eagle Rock, we are pleased to provide you with ideas, concepts, and machinery to facilitate and improve your business operations.

 The "Perfect Stone Trailer" Survey 


Enter Your Opinions and

Ideas about the Perfect Stone Trailer


We talk to fabricators all the time and one area that we'd like to participate in is helping to design a better trailer.  Click on the link below to get to our brief (1 minute) "Perfect Stone Trailer" survey where we will gather your input to help us design the perfect trailer.  


Not only are your answers to the 5 questions important, but we'd like to hear your own ideas about some concepts you'd like to see incorporated - you could even win $$ to spend in our on-line shop!

The Wish List:

  • Rear Ramp

  • Dual wheels

  • Ultra low profile bed

  • Mounted jib crane

    (1,000 lbs capacity)

  • Lockable tool box

  • Fold-away work tables

  • Your idea here: _______


Click on the red button above to give your input!


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