Discount 1st Choice Slab Program   

Container loads shipped to your door at 15% to 20% savings!


• Excellent pricing on premium, first choice slabs with 15% - 20% savings!

• Full containers, you choose the bundles included

• All slabs specifically chosen and inspected by our buyer

• Delivered to your location in a manner directed by your off-loading capabilities 

• Choose from actual quarry sample photographs

• 3 cm bundles (6-7 slabs per bundle) or occasionally 2 cm bundles (10 slabs per bundle)

• Bundles of the same color only, but you can choose any combo of bundles

    (Approx. 7 bundles per container, each bundle must be the same color but assorted bundles available - your choice.)

• If, after looking at our current selection, you want something else, just let us know.


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1st Choice

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