How To Order 

Simple, Cost-effective, Quality Slabs


1. Click on the "Order Slabs" link above (after reading the instructions below)

2. Select 6-7 bundles from the assorted colors available this month

       (Mix and match any colors for each of the bundles you choose)

3. Add each to the shopping cart (no prices are listed because of shipping options)

4. Double check your cart order and submit (you don't pay now)

5. Our team will contact you to verify your order personally and provide a shipping quote

6. Pay downpayment 30% via credit card or wire transfer upon your approval

7. Pay balance upon actual delivery and your inspection (credit card or wire transfer) 

Delivery times will vary but expect 45 - 60 days from order payment to arrival

Because you are eliminating the middle man and all his costs, our pricing will likely be significantly less


IMPORTANT: All these bundles are pre-purchased by our direct buyer, so each month's offerings 

are limited.  To insure the best selection, it is best to place your order as soon as possible!


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