Customer Testimonial

This story is an amazing example of what can be done with the right machines!


We were approached by this customer at a trade show.  They were frustrated with the fact that as home builders, they were always delayed and compromised in their delivery and customer satisfaction by unreliable stone fabricators.  Once they spoke with us at Eagle Rock - their response was "You mean I can get both a Flight1 and Vision3 for under $200,000!?!  Sign me up."  We did and the rest is history.


They found a solid employee they put through the comprehensive Eagle Rock training program and they were off to the races.  In their first year of stone countertop fabrication, here are their results:


• Paid off all stone machines from Eagle Rock in 8 months!


• With a highly efficient operation using a single machine operator, vacuum lifter, and router, the shop was inexpensive to operate employee-wise.


• With a 2 man installation team, they started fabricating all their necessary countertops in house.


• In their first year, they produced and installed 500 kitchens!


• Profitable, efficient, minimal man-power, and highly productive - this is an amazing succes story!


• Now they are looking to take on additional fabrication work from other companies.


S.R. - Utah


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