Below you will see some of our most popular profiles we provide.  Please click on the profile below to see a detailed schematic drawing of the profile and other profile details.  Please realize that each profile comes in a number of different height sizes depending upon with size granite (2cm, 3cm, or 4cm laminated) you are working with as well as differences in diameters.  Also note that once you choose the profiles you would like to purchase, you will not be able to purchase profiles directly on this site - the reason is we want to have one of our engineers give you a call to be sure you are getting exactly the profile you want.   Your selections will generate an email to our team and we will follow-up with you to process your order.  Also note that there are many more profiles than those shown below, please download the full Diamut catalog (above right link) to see all the various offerings that exist.



Click on any profile below to see more details and a dimensional drawing.

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