Eagle Rock Transition 

Important information about our corporate restructuring

Eagle Rock opened its doors in June 2013 and that moment over three years ago began our great ride into the stone fabrication industry.  We have learned much and gained many customers we consider friends.  One thing we have learned is that doing business as a machine manufacturer in the United States is an expensive enterprise.  Not only does it require a great team (which we have) but it also requires great investment in things like insurance, inventory, etc.  


We have, after very careful consideration, decided to undergo a significant corporate restructuring, changing our status from "machine manufacturer" to "manufacturers representative."  While this may not seem like a big deal to most, it's going to allow us to be far more competitive and operationally efficient.  


The primary change is that we will no longer sell machines branded as "Eagle Rock" nor will we be handling parts or taking service calls any longer.  Customers will be able to communicate direclty with our manufacturers when it comes to parts and service.  They will provide you with the items, parts, and service you will need going forward.  We appreciate your business and your understanding of this new, necessary approach.  



So, for future reference regarding parts, service, and warranty issues, here is the new contact information:



Flight1 Bridge Saw


Flight5 Bridge Saw


Flight R Bridge Saw


Flight X Bridge Saw



Hualong Machinery Co.

Jason Ou

Huangshi Industrial Zone

Putian, Fujian, China



North American Contact

US Tech / Service Contact

Alex Ceja  480 720 5409  


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