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CNC Fabrication Centers by AitelMac 

Incredibly capable CNC routers with sink cutting, edge profiling, leathering options and more
KT 32 (Vision2)


The KT32 can handle virtually all of the standard size cut countertops due to its ample table length.  From sinks to edge profiling, this machine can singlehandedly transform your business from a dusty manual shop to a sophisticated automated facility.







KT38 (Vision3)


The KT38 is designed to receive a full slab so it can handle virtually every sink, profiling, and backsplash job required.  Because of its large working surface and 27 tool carousel, this machine is incredibly capable of a wide array of work and finish options.  Your imagination is the only limit to what this stone machine can do.

KT Series comparison


To see a side by side comparison of features, size, and specifications of each KT series machine, please download this PDF below: