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Wing Series
Mobile Stone Shop


The Wing Trailer Series is the industry's first truly mobile stone shop.  We have our "double wing" design which combines an innovative clamping system with portable fold-down work tables.  This creates a truly secure and quick method of transporting stone as well as providing the opportunity for on-site fabrication with the convenient tables extended.


The Wing2 was designed after a thorough interview process speaking with fabricators about their own trailers and what they would want in the "perfect" trailer.  The tall (over 6')  and wide (10' sides) rack accommodates virtually all slab sizes and the trailer has a stout 9,900 lbs. carrying capacity as a result of its tandem axle design.  


The entire rack has been encased in strong wire mesh so that it forms a secure and lockable transport trailer.  There is a modular rack system that you can modify to suiit your needs regarding shelving as well as a lockable storage box up front.  We've included some smooth metal areas desugned for you to apply your own company logo and information which is the perfect way to advertise your business when you are out and about driving with your trailer.  









• Dimensions: L: 12' x W: 7' x H: 8'3"

• Bed width: 5'0"

• Weight: 3,000 Lbs

• Wheels: tandem 15" 

• Suspension: 5,200 per axle

• Weight rating: 9,900 lbs

• Floor: wood

• Structure/A-frame: 1.5" x 3" tubular square steel

• A-frame size: W: 10' x H: 6'4"





• Very solid frame/suspension structure

• Over-engineered for stable ride, even when loaded

• Patent-Pending "double wing" 3-position design*

     1 - locks stone against A-frame as a quick secure clamp

     2 - folds down to a secure, 24" flat work table

     3 - folds down flat in front of wheel for loading access

• Perfect width, just wider than a pick-up truck (7')

• Full interior A-frame storage***

• Fully secure, locable A-frame cage***

• Large lockable front box*

• Spare tire mounted on tongue

• Thick wood stone rest sustains heavy loads

• Upper storage for templates, other items

• 6'3" interior A-frame height accommodates most people

• 4' load ramp for easy access and doubles as a rear door**

• Upper rear door elevates on struts for easy entry and exit***

• Upper panels for your logo and branding benefit

• Interior A-frame rails have threaded attach-points for 

      modular shelving, racks and assorted features

• Available backsplash rack, wood template holder, plywood 



* On Wing2 - Wing4

** On Wing3 - Wing4

*** On Wing 4 only





Options: Wing1 - Wing4


There are 4 different Wing trailers, each outfitted to accommodate the requirements and preferences as well as budgets of all fabricators:



• 9,900 lbs rated tandem axle trailer

• Robust wood floor, 5' width bed, 7' width trailer

• Full size A-frame 6'4" x 10'

• Tongue mounted spare

• Electric brake assist system



• All the above features plus...

• Dual folding "wing" work tables



• All the above features plus...

• Front lockable storage container

• Fold down rear ramp



• All the above features plus...

• Full wire cage security system enclosure

• Strut mounted upper security door

• Water cooler holder

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