Flight Series Bridge Saws 

Automated saws ranging from simple saws to saws with mitering to massive quarry saws
FlightX Bridge Saw


The FlightX is the perfect solution for shops that need a powerful (20hp) saw without the need for mitering.  This saw has the compact, easy to move mono-block design of our other saws with a full-sized table that rotates and lifts.  

This straight cutting saw cuts with precision and power for high quality cuts without compromise.  An X-cutting saw (no rotating head) means simplicity and affordability like no other.


Our most affordable saw ever!

Flight1 Bridge Saw


The Flight1 saw is a classic mono-block design which makes it quite compact as well as easy to install.  It's rotating head and Panasonic controller make for easy programming of multiple cuts along the X and Y axis.


The tilting and rotating table make for easy loading and unloading as well as providing the capacity for angle cuts and more.  Miter cuts from 0º to 90º are possible.


An amazing saw with an amazing price!

Flight2 "Widebody" saw


This saw was designed specifically because so many fabricators were telling us that they were getting bigger and bigger slabs coming in.  These "jumbo" slabs are hard to cut on a standard sized saw so we had the exact structure of the popular Flight1 redesigned to widen the table by 11" to a full 137" and increasd the depth by 3" to 81."  


So the Flight2 is identical to the Flight1 except that it's a bit wider and deeper with a longer cut length (141") to accommodate these larger slabs.

StoneBlade 98


This massive quarry saw boasts a 98" blade designed for stone block cutting. With massive 39' X axis rigid rail and customizable Y axis rail lengths in 20' increments, it will provide massive efficiencies in your production.  

Moveable Z axis, blade spindle power options up to 100 hp, and waterproofing for outdoor use, this powerhouse saw is poised to transform your quarry operations.  Siemens controls and language options in English and Spanish to accommodate your entire team.

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