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Stone CNC Sink Cut Out and Sink Polishing Machines

Incredibly capable machines to speed up your sink fabrication and polishing needs

Shop among our innovative and affordable stone CNC sink cut-out and sink polishing machines and increase the efficiency of your shop! We understand there are times production can hit particular “bottlenecks,” but our machines have features to keep you moving swiftly. We offer compact machines that can fulfill both cutting and polishing duties and can easily swap tools as needed, keeping your production line going without a lot of setup.

Sink fabrication and polishing gets easier using our efficient, high-volume machines. We design our products to be easily set up and moved around a shop, allowing maximum efficiency and movement during fabrication. If you need a stone CNC sink cut-out and sink polishing machine to handle an increasing workload, work with Eagle Rock Products.

Fab-King manual sink machine
Fab-King Sink processor


This is the best selling, template-driven sink cutting and polishing machine in the country.  We are proud to offer this device that can speed up your sink processing as well as backsplash polishing as well!  

SinkForce CNC Sink Router
SinkForce Compact CNC


One of the largest bottlenecks in many shops is sink cutting and polishing.  This fully automated CNC machine is compact but very powerful.  It can cut a sink hole then polish it completely in fully automatic mode because of advanced CNC technology and included tool changer.

StraightShot flat and miter polisher
StraightShot Flat Polisher


This flat edge polisher is the perfect solution for high volume, flat polish requirements.  It can chamfer (45º) either or both the top and bottom edges for that finished look.  If you are producing lots of flat edges or have commercial, hight volume projects, you have to check out the StraightShot polisher.

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