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New, massive 

Quarry saw!

StoneBlade Quarry Saw
New saw
StoneBlade 98


This quarry saw was designed for processing stone blocks efficiently with precision and speed.  Customizable Y rail lenghts in 20' increments allows for a saw that exactly meets the needs of your company.  The massive 98" blade has a deep cut maximum of 43" with a moveable Z axis that further provides options and maximizes cut length opportunities.  Automatic step cutting is programmable and alternate blade sizes are available.




• Dimensions: 

    - X axis width 39'

    - Height 14' 6'

    - Y rail length, 20', 40', or 60'

• Weight: 33,200 Lbs

• Power options: 75, 88, up to 150 hp

• Stroke length: 18' from side cut

* Stroke length: 23' from plunge-side cut



• With 98" blade, 43" of cutting depth

• Massive, rigid X axis rail

• English and Spanish PLC language

• Siemens and Schneider controls

• Waterproof control box for outdoor use

• Programable cutting, step cutting

• Moveable Z axis: 55" of reach

• 1 Blade included in purchase price



$20,000 off!

On Sale


ends 12/31

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