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The Eagle Rock StoneVac1 is the solution you've been waiting for when it comes to removing the heavy stone solids from your tanks, drains, and traps.  No more pumping out the water, shoveling, and moving that heavy silt and stone dust that accumulates.  As you know, pumping out not enough water results in a slurry that is hard to move.  Pumping out too much water results in a concrete-like hardening that is very tough to remove.  

Consider the StoneVac1.  This innovative tool uses the physics principle of a venturi system.  Just hook up the StoneVac1 to a standard type pressure washer (3,000 psi, 2 - 2.5 gal/minute flow) and this incredible tool turns into a dynamic suction device that both blasts through the sludge AND sucks it out into your holding tank, garbage bin, or nylon bag.  Offered in two sizes, Standard and Compact - the difference in suction flow is only about a 20% reduction with the compact head - but useful for tight spaces.  There no price difference for either size with flexible or rigid design hose.  Included are the collection bag, water hose with connectors, and drain hose shown below.

New product

Compact size StoneVac1 with optional flexible hose

StoneVac1 collection bag
StoneVac1 water dump hose
StoneVac1 connection hose
StoneVac1 venturi
StoneVac1 large venturi head
StoneVac1 tube
StoneVac1 controls
StoneVac1 small venturi head

Standard size StoneVac1 with standard rigid pipe

Compact venturi head of StoneVac1

Standard venturi head of StoneVac1

Water flow valve for both pressure and venturi suction

Water dump hose and exit filter

Pressure washer connection hose (water supply)

Sludge collection bag (water permeating allows drainage)

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