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Service & Warranty

All of our machines come with a 1 year, parts and major service warranty.  We personally train all of our service techs as well as local techs for each area where we have machine installations.  
Our machines are built to exacting specifications and we pride ourselves in insuring that you get the highest level of service. We want to make sure that your Eagle Rock machines are a reliable part of your day-to-day business fabrication services.  We understand that solid service and parts availability are a highly critical concern.  We stock many parts - large and small - and also have sources to find parts that are internationally available at your location.  In addition, we have on-site metal CNC and metal fabrication equipment so that in the event that something needs to be made, we can fabricate it as well right here in Phoenix.
Finally, our machines are all installed by our expert technicians and your purchase also includes hands-on training so that you can start benefiting immediately from these amazing machines.
Customer Support 480 888 6420
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