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The most affordable, full-featured saw

available today!

The Vector1 bridge saw has a compact and precise mono-block design which keeps the foot print relatively small and makes for simple installation.  This is a powerful saw that allows you, through a simple controller, to set up multiple X and Y axis cuts.  This is a huge time saver and creates a highly efficient work atmosphere.  In addition, the head rotates 90º for efficient Y-axis cutting and it also has one-touch mitering with hydraulic control.  This a very affordable, versatile saw with all the features you want and need.




• Dimensions: W: 217" x D: 126" x H: 106"

• Weight: 7,716 Lbs

• Power: 20 Hp

• RPM: 1,440 

• Table Size: 130" x 80"

• Blade Stroke: 130"

• Blade Size 16" - 18"

• Maximum cutting depth 3.9"



• Mono-block design

• Rotating Head to 90º

• Wireless remote

• Auto-oiler

• PLC controller

• Programable cuts in X and Y axis

• Miter cuts - automatic hydraulic control

• Tilting table to 85º



VECTOR1 Saw image.jpg


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