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JMM Bridge Saw 

Used JMM Saw full
Used JMM Saw panel plate
Used JMM saw cutting head

 Price  JMM mitering bridge saw  $22,000    location Phoenix, AZ

2015 model, 8 years old, very good working condition

Mitering, lifting/rotating table, available July 2023 upon new saw delivery.  Saw is located in Mesa, AZ ready to go.

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Used JMM saw table
Used JMM saw
Used JMM Saw panel

Flight2 Bridge Saw 

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 Price  Flight2 mitering bridge saw  $45,000 

Price when new: $78,895

2019 model, 4 years old, very good condition

Well maintained and cared for.  One touch mitering, rotating head cuts both X and Y axis.  Rotating and lifting table.

Customer needs to sell.

 Ready to install, located in Phoenix, AZ

Used Vision Router
Used Vision Router pic
Used Vision Router control panel

 Price  Eagle Rock Vision3 CNC Router:  $6,000 

Price when new: $65,895

6 years old, very good condition

Has been used in this shop very effectively - runs well, software update is needed.

Well maintained and cared for.  Customer moving on to larger machines, ready to sell this CNC. in GA

Vision3 CNC Router

Price Drop!

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Pivot Miter saw

 Price  Eagle Rock very compact Pivot miter saw:  $2,000 

6 years old, good condition

Fits nearly anywhere, easy to move and use.  Has table extensions

Customer has saw-jet for miters now, ready to sell this miter saw in Atlanta, GA

Used Pivot Miter saw
Used Pivot Miter full
Used Pivot Miter oblique
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Vision2 Sink Router

 Price  For a quick sale priced at $17,000

Great compact router complete with tool set for sink cutouts and sink polish.  Huge time saver for one of your shops greatest bottlenecks.  Can also be used for smaller vanities to do outside edge polishing.  Priced below market value for a quick sale.  


 Used Bridge Saws from our Affiliates: 

  Delivery and Installation not included

  (Pictures available upon request)

2002 Park Industries Yukon Bridge Saw: $20,000

2015 Achilli MBS-TS $35,000

2007 Sheng Da Bridge Saw: $20,000

2015 Maya625: $25,000

2017 Maya625: $30,000

2007 GMM Bio: $33,500

2001 Matrix Seabring: $15,000


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