Flight 5 - 5 axis bridge saw

 Price  Eagle Rock Flight5:  $39,000 

Price when new: $95,895

4.5 years old, very good condition

Fully functional 5 axis saw, still installed, still working and can be viewed and inspected.

Cut radius cuts, miter cuts, programmable using industry standard DXF files from your templater or computer.

 Price  Eagle Rock Vision3 router:  $29,000 

Price when new: $129,895

6.5 years old, good condition

Full-sized router with vacuum pods and all the pieces ready to make your shop more productive.

Cut and polish vanity sinks in 15-17 minutes, kitchen sinks in 25 - 30 minutes.

Automate your polish of islands, counters and much more.

Still operating, make a visit to see this mashine work.

 Price  Eagle Rock Flight1:  $33,000 

Price when new: $55,895

3 years old, good condition

rotating and lifting table

rotating cutting head

cuts both X and Y axis

one touch mitering

wireless remote


robust, well-maintained

ready for your shop

 Price  Gregory New Star S1:  $15,000

1980 robust bridge saw

powerful bridge saw

plunge cutting capability

mitering capability

Reliable and well-tested over time

Ready for your shop

 Price  Gregory New Star S1:  $8,000

1980 robust bridge saw


for capability see above


 Price   Comandulli Synthesis: $14,000

Fully reconditioned

all new mechanicals

ready to install and use

Comandulli Synthesis: $11,000


all new mechanicals

needs computer

Comandulli Synthesis: $9,000

Somewhat reconditioned

new stainless

needs computer


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