Price  Flight3:  $45,000 

Price when new: $79,895

This Flight3 is a compact, 4 axis bridge saw capable of
cutting circular arcs using a standard type DXF file. It's undermount bridge style saves space and allows for limited space usage yet allowing for a 137" x 82" table.  

Flight3 4-Axis Saw


Vision3 CNC Router


 Price  Vision3:  $59,900

Tooling available at additional cost (price new $129,895)


This full-sized router has all kinds of capabilities...cut and polish a vanity sink in 15-17 minutes, kitchen sink in 28-30 minutes, finish edges with any kind of tooling profile you want.  

Flight5 5-Axis CNC Bridge Saw

This 5 Axis CNC saw can cut DXF files and virtually any shape you need, miter, round, straight, etc.  This saw owner is upgrading to a water jet - Saw is installed and working every day.

 Price  Flight5:  $65,000

Price new: $109,895


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