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SinkForce CNC


This dedicated sink machine is perfect for cutting and polishing your sink holes and eliminate the huge bottleneck that sink fabrication tends to be in many shops.  It doesn't take up much space but will be a work-horse for your team and a great way to improve efficiency in your fabrication operation.




• Workspace 55" x 24"

• Overall dimensions 118" x 63"

• Tool holder cone: BT40

• Automatic tool holder stations 8

• Spindle power 9 - 12 hp

• Torque 35-52 lbf.ft

• Weight 6,600 lbs

• Water consumption 5-13 gal./min.

• Max. spindle rotation 8000 rpm



• Full CNC capabilities: 3 axis

• Sink cut and polish vanity sink in 15-17 minutes

• Dust free environment

• Increased productivity

• Reduced errors

• Full DXF CNC operation for digital workshop

• Proven Italian software




SinkForce Video

This video begins with still images then typical actual video.  Also note that some portions are shown at a faster than actual speed to show the entire process.  A typical vanity seek will take approximately 15 minutes to complete. 

SinkForce machine
New product

SinkForce Sink cut sample 

This video walks you through the initial setup then cutting of the sink.

SinkForce Software 

This video shows you how to set up a sink program in the software.

SinkForce tables

SinkForce Extended Table Option 

Drop sinks into larger pieces and islands with this affordable extended table option.

SinkForce machine pix
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