Bridge Saws

Flight Series


​WIth forward thinking mono-block design, these saws are compact and powerful.  Every saw can be easily programmed for multiple cuts in multiple axes.  


Miter cuts, tilting and rotating tables, rotating blade heads and more...

Sink Fabrication & Routers
Faster Sink cut & polish


One of the most common bottlenecks in fabrication operations is the sink hole.  Not just cutting it but polishing it is time consuming. Find out how to speed up the process through any of our three machines by clicking below.

Eagle Rock - A Solid Cut Above

Eagle Rock Products is bringing highly innovative machinery to the stone industry for the purposes of increasing efficiency and lowering production costs.



Innovative Products...

We are dedicated to making stone fabrication an easier, cleaner, and more efficient process for our customers.  As a result, we are dedicated to providing the best saws, tools and innovative products for this industry.  Find out more about what Eagle Rock is up to...



“We are delighted...what stands out about Eagle Rock is the personal service and long term relationship they want to build with their customers."

Kevin B., Owner, Alvin TX 

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