Flight2 "wide•body"


The Flight2 is essentially the Flight1 saw with a 10" increase in table width and 10" increase in cutting length for a maximum of 137" total. This is designed to accommodate the many slabs that are now being imported that are larger and larger - often exceeding the cutting dimensions of most bridge saws in service today.




• Dimensions: W: 226.5" x D: 126" x H: 109"

• Weight: 13,728 Lbs

• Power: 20 Hp

• Table Size: 137" x 82"

• Blade Stroke: 141"



• Mono-block design

• Rotating Head to 90º, 180º, 270º

• Wireless remote

• Panasonic touch PLC controller

• Programable cuts in X and Y axis

• Miter cuts - automatic hydraulic control

• Tilting table to 85º

• Rotating table 360º



Flight2 Bridge Saw features video (Length: 2 min.)

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