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FlightBig Blade


The Flight6 is a saw designed for cutting thicker materials than typical 2cm and 3cm stone slabs.  Perfect for cutting virtually any kind of thicker stone into pavers or other type blocks, the Flight6 is powerful and supports blade sizes from 24" to 47".  With the larger 47" blade, cutting depth is 18" and both step cutting and auto cutting features allow you to program your single axis cuts for maximum efficiency and production.




• Dimensions: W: 252" x D: 217" x H: 158"

• Weight: 27,500 Lbs

• Power: 30 Hp

• Table Size: 118" x 79"

• Table Rotation to 45º and 90º

• Z axis vertical travel: 32"

• Blade Stroke: 118"

• Blade Size 47"

• Maximum cutting depth 18"



• Rigid pre-formed concrete walls

• Wireless remote

• Siemens touch PLC controller

• Programable cuts in the X axis 

• Rotating and lifting hydraulic table



Flight6 large bridge saw

Flight6, shown below in action with constructed block walls.  Flight6 ships with pre-formed concrete walls as shown above.

Flight6 cut capability paver
Flight6 saw actual
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