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ClearCut CNC Tool Setter

The ClearCut CNC Tool Setter is an innovative, cost-effective device for CNC routers designed to allow any CNC operator to set tools quickly, precisely, and intuitively.  Through the use of a high-resolution microscope, the ClearCut captures precise images of your tools and allows you to align them for perfect polish quickly and efficiently.  It works with all brands of CNC and period use can extend tool life and limit excessive tool wear.  Remove the guesswork and aggravation of tool setting and actually see where your tools are!



Precise tool setting

Easy to use

Step-by-step set-up for precision each time

Intuitive design and programming

Optimize tool life

Reduce wear

Recognize exactly where your tools are

Increase CNC efficiency

Improve tooling life

The ClearCut CNC Tool Setter is designed and made in the USA



ClearCut pricing and details, call: 480 888 6420

ClearCut CNC setting device

Full-featured, easy to use

ClearCut features

Tablet-control, intuitive design

Precision tool setting 

ClearCut on-spindle testing
ClearCut tablet
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