KT38 (Vision3)


The KT38 has a significant increase in table depth so it is able to handle most full size slabs.  This full size CNC machine has an incredible capacity for shaping, profiling, and sculpting all kinds of granite and stone into all kinds of shapes.  Even so, it is far smaller than other full size CNC routers and makes no compromises with what it can accomplish.




• Dimensions: W 213" x D 125" x H 94.5"

• Working surface: 137" x 71"

• Weight: 12,100 lbs

• Power: 15 Hp

• Water use:  5 - 7 gal./minute

• Tool Changer: 27 position carousel (included)

• RPM: 0 - 10,000



• Full CNC capabilities

• Sink cut and polish in 15-17 minutes

• Edge profiling and finishing

• Dust free environment

• Leathering and honing available

• Increased productivity

• Reduced errors

• Full DXF CNC operation for digital workshop

• "Manual" mode for simple operation too

• Can read physical templates (wood, film, etc.)


Italian Design, American Brand


Download the Vision3 Flyer below: 


KT38 CNC profiling a large island

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